For Steel Cable Size 1/8"
25-250 lbs Working Load Limit
5:1 Safety Factor

The Kwik-Loc is a fast and reliable way to tension steel cable. These cable tensioners are used as both an anchor and a joiner. The Kwik-Loc is a self-locking devise that can be easily adjusted and released with no need for other tools. The key components to this revolutionary cable lock are the internal locking wedges. The wedges incorporate a release pin for easy adjustment. Each wedge makes contact with the steel cable using serrated teeth. These teeth press onto the wire rope and spread the load across the length of the wedge, maximizing grip strength. Kwik Loc (also called Kwik Lock or Quick Lock) cable lock is a fast and reliable cable suspension system for fluorescent lighting, HIDs, sound systems, cable trays, or fan units.

All Kwik-Locs have been tested, and are UL Listed to UL 1598 and are listed under file number E246601.

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